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Dial Debt Law is dedicated to protecting debtors from financial ruin. We are a legal defence team against collectors & creditor lawsuits. Regardless of whether your debts are just unpaid for a while, in collections or you are being sued, we can negotiate settlements with your creditors.
Note: We are not Bankruptcy Trustees.

Our team consists of licensed paralegals and lawyers that have several years of experience. We know and understand the collection and legal processes of Small Claim & Civil Procedures. Hence, we strive to keep our clients informed and in control by advising them of the true prospects of recovery. We take pride in providing quality legal services that focus on obtaining the best possible results.

Save time and money with our highly organized, efficient, motivated and licensed legal team by The Law Society of Ontario.

If you have defaulted on your personal loan, personal line of credit, business loan or credit card or have been sued by a creditor, we can help you explore your options and find the best solutions!

We only advocate for you and your financial interests.

Filing Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm should never be your first choice when you are in a financial crisis. Instead, we can advocate on your behalf for Superior Court and Small Claim Court matters to:

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Affordable Pricing

Enjoy the benefits of experience without paying big firm prices.

Save Time

Let our legal experts negotiate on your behalf to get it resolved, as dealing with collection calls can be stressful and overwhelming.

Great Service

At Dial Debt Law, we care about your legal needs and our goal is to defend your case to the best of our ability to get you the best solution.

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Privacy Policy: We at Dial Debt Law recognize the importance of client privacy and the sensitivity of the personal information that we may have regarding any individual. Rest assured, personal information will be used in a responsible manner, and only to the extent necessary for the legal services we provide. The Law Society of Ontario sets out our confidentiality obligations as a licensee.

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